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Latest version of DFL-DDP: Version 1.31, what’s new in DDP version 1.31
DFL-DDP Upgrade History

DFL-Data Dr. Pro is the world’s first professional high-speed USB3.0 data recovery equipment, it does not only what other data recovery equipment do, but does what other data recovery equipment cannot do. Besides imaging and recovering all brands’ of patient hard drives, DFL-DDP is able to quickly repair many common firmware damaged drives of Seagate, WD, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc at high success rate.

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DFL-DDP recovers password protected hdds with a lot of bad sectors
How To Fix 0 LBA And Clicking Seagate Hard Drives With DFL-DDP
How to recover formatted hard drives with DFL-DDP
How To Fix Seagate 5400.6, 7200.4 and Other F3 Sector Access Interruption Problem



Real tested image speed is up to 6.8GB/min for 1TB hard drives and over 7GB/min for hard drives with higher capacity.

DFL-Data Dr. Pro is one easy-to-use and universal data recovery equipment supporting data recovery from all hard disk drive brands, supporting data recovery from either faulty hard drives, good drives and even hard drives with the common hdd failures we meet often in the data recovery lab, supporting data recovery from file system of FAT, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, HFX, HFS+, exFAT and even VMFS5 and supporting hard drives of SATA, IDE and USB.

DFL-Data Dr. Pro is one smart data recovery equipment imaging and recovering data differently from hard drives with different levels of failures or bad sectors in either PIO mode or UDMA mode. It offers the users to repair common hdd corruptions by COM port command mode, offers the users to image faulty hard drives by selective heads, offers the users to image forward and reversely, offers the users to scan MFT and list files, offers the users with raw recovery mode or directory file listing and selective file recovery.

Users can mount the disk to the windows disk manager, view and edit the files by My Computer with any other data recovery software.

Besides the disk imaging and file recovery features for all hdd brands, DFL-Data Dr. Pro integrates fast solutions to the following common hdd failures:

Fast Solutions To Seagate Common HDD Failures

-To be fixed within COM Command mode

  1. .12 CC31 CC32 BUSY REPAIR
  2. .11 & .12 CAP=0 & BUSY REPAIR
  3. .11 & .12 LED:000000CC REPAIR
  7. F3 Rebuild Translator-ATA
  8. F3 Password Removal
  9. Clear Smart
  10. Password removal support for Seagate Baraccuda 7200.7-10, 5400.3
  11. APP/ATA backup of Seagate Baraccuda 7200.7-10, 5400.3
  12. APP/ATA loading support for Seagate Baraccuda 7200.7-10, 5400.3
  13. Solutions to Seagate 5400.6, 7200.4 sector access interruption problems

Fast Solutions To Western Digital Common HDD Failures

  1. NHPA
  2. Password Removal
  3. Fix Slow Initialization And Reading
  4. Head Map Editing in RAM
  5. Load LDR
  6. Clear Smart

Fast Solutions To Samsung Common HDD Failures

-To be fixed within COM Command mode

  1. “LED 1AXX”Fixing
  2. Password Removal
  3. Spin Up & Down Fix
  4. Clear Smart

Fast Solutions To Toshiba Common HDD Failures

  1. View G-list
  2. Clear G-list
  3. Virtual Translator

Fast Solutions To Hitachi Hard Drive Common HDD Failures

1, Fast solution to Hitachi sector access interruption problem.

Software Upgrade

Free software upgrade for the first three years starting from the purchase and from the fourth year,  users need to pay a yearly fee of USD200 to get the upgrades.

Users don’t need to pay any to remove bugs if there’re any we need to fix in the upgrade.

We’re considering to add more common hdd failure solutions, new disk imaging and file recovery features to DFL-Data Dr. Pro to make this data recovery equipment stand proudly out of others.

More information on this USB3.0 data recovery equipment will be updated here and our forum or users can email to sales@dolphindatalab.com or users can visit our data recovery product center to view other data recovery tools.

View more details about this advanced USB3.0 data recovery equipment by DFL-Data Dr. Pro infographic below

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